Heart to Sky

by Marley Daemon

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This album was recorded in the year of 2009 at Marlborough Studios, engineered and co-produced by Adrian Dolan. I selected these ten songs from my collection of originals because I felt like they best represent the diversity of my songwriting and musicality. All of these songs I wrote between the ages of 16-20. Some were created during my travels in India, others emerged out of the confined and sunless practice rooms of music school, and the rest were birthed from the forests and open spaces of Mayne Island, BC.


Hailing from an obscure, secluded little island off the coast of B.C., Marley Daemon is a new breed of folk songstress.  Drawing on a strange array of cross-cultural artistic influences (jazz, Celtic, magic literature, Wicca, post-modern philosophy and Indian Classical to name a few), she weaves pieces of music that push into unexplored territory, uncovering new human emotions. Jazz and classical-trained, Daemon brings both high artistry and a passionate sensibility to her soul-filled singing and her expert performances on piano and guitar. With strikingly honest lyrics exploring the questions surrounding human identity, and musical flavours ranging from faery-tale folk, creative post-bop soul, sassy cabaret and epic orchestral art songs, Daemon serves up a musical feast for the heart.


released January 1, 2010

Marley Daemon: Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Kelby Macnayr: drums
Oliver Swain: upright bass
Taylor Ashton: banjo
Adrian Dolan: violin, viola, mandolas, accordion
Shelder Footz: trumpet
Adam Iredale-Grey: violin
Daniel Lapp: trumpet
Alasdair Money: cello



all rights reserved


Marley Daemon Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Heart to Sky
Heart To Sky

Splash my head with holy water
be reborn as the daughter
of the Indian mother
grant me the eyes to see
the parts of life that baffle me
from the view of a new country

Teach my heart to be wide open to realities beyond my eyes
and always have the strength to look for a way to sympathize
may I never feel defeated by the fear that poisons human hearts
and always have the strength to look even as I stumble through the dark

May I never take for granted
All the blessings that encompass me
And never lose my wonder for
The mountains, earth, the sky, the sea

As for my own education I'll take responsibility
when I cannot learn from someone else I'll have to teach my self to see
See beyond the bubble of the values of my country
and never let me settle on one idea or philosophy

Teach myself to stop
And listen to the sound of my divinity
Silence the clutter of a life time past
And in this moment blessed be

May I use other's teaching to learn about myself
But never inflict a system of belief upon somebody else
Teach myself not to get caught up in the petty way of what's wrong, what's right?
But when it comes to my own search for bliss I'll always fight the good fight

Teach myself that change resides
in the smallest blade of grace
And to only take what I need
If I care to make the future last

Teach myself to know the difference between helping and imposing
always stop to understand, before I try to intervene
Teach myself to bridge the gap between religion, sex, society
and look beneath the rubble of the contradicting histories

May I learn to love the little things
Oh so small and unglamorous
And no that beauty has no size no place
From heart to sky, from star to dust

From heart to sky from star to dust
from heart to sky from star to dust
from heart to sky from star to dust
from heart to sky from star to dust, to dust, to dust
Track Name: Wide Open
Wide Open

Strange little story of who to be
don't mean much to me
so I'm breaking down
Am I laughing or crying
living or dying
all at once, here I am.

But out in the wild maze of the city
I'm just another one of those faces
When I look down to show you that I'm really somebody
All I find are empty spaces
But sometime the person you think you are
Just gets in the way of who you wanna be
I had to get rid of the life I had planned
In order for me to see

The Wide Open
The unknown is filling the space
There's nowhere to look
But right back into it's face

Childhood hopes and fears
are all that keep me here
But I'm leaving soon
Leave behind these identities
of memories I so frantically been
Clinging too

This mountain of meaning that I've made myself
Seems to be breaking down
I could jump off but the trouble with flying
is you always end up on the ground
But I know that the strongest way to go
Is to walk right into your fear
And I would have gone oh so long ago

If it weren't for the tears
The soften the hardest of faces
If it weren't for the light
That laughs from the darkest places

Do you think there's a way that I could be free?
If I just kept leaving and leaving
Cause there's nothing left here to comfort me
cause it's

Wide Open
Wide Open.
Track Name: The World Is Too Much With Us
The World Is Too Much With Us

The world is too much with us
everywhere you look we've made her a new tragedy
with every story she's turning over in her sleep with worry

This body of mine will one day be the death of me
but for now I rely on it for life I rely on it to breathe
and It's really too bad baby because we could be angels by now
If it weren't for these animals that bind us to the ground

But my animal likes your animal
It wants to go romping through the woods, dancing in the dark
digging out everything I find in your heart
But the person in me is too encumbered and shy to say
All the things that I'm thinking of so I let them go all unnamed

I could try and find the answer to my life
but the question seems irrelevant
When It's just a stab in the dark, a face with no name
A hungry wild thing that you cannot tame

I don't look back too far
at the movie show of my life
you can't learn too much about the way things are
when all images shift in the light
can't find the moment felt in the framing scene
and I forget myself in the remembering

'Cause it's just too much with us
everywhere you look we've made her a new tragedy
with each news flash story
she's turning over in her sleep with worry

All these lovely days we fret away
thinking there's something better we should do
are roses in the ground, summer's by the sea
fading like memories do
Track Name: Supernova

Hey there little girl
what's with all your worrying
you're trying to define your story
when it's only just beginning

look at the sky little girl
it's raining supernovas
if you raise your heart from the world
you will feel the explosions

Feels like a past and future merging
into a booming here and now
feels like the universe is urging us
to be happy here somehow

Look at the sky...

The fear that your life may not add up
I wonder who it's fooling tonight
'cause in the end I just need something to fill me up
like some words, so I can sing my song right

For a moment let's just forget
about labelling the things we do
'cause I don't really want to be anyone
I just want to be with you

I just need some company
to watch the night in the cold
someone to help me realize the mystery
before I get too old

Look at the sky...

Raise your eyes to the sky
tell the stars how it feels to be alive
in this pounding place of earth and stone and sky
just a mirror I reflect from where I reside
in my pounding place of hammer, sring and key
in my pounding place of flesh and bone and me

So wake here feel time loom in an instant
collapsing and folding, inward and outward
an infinite mirroring of exploding stars
I feel your worth from where we burn apart
and I know the supernova of you heart.
Track Name: Blessings and Scars
Blessings and Scars

Around the world
You travel far
It takes the distance
To see who you are

Land unknown
The mirror shifts to show
A whole new reflection
Of all you think you know

I don't know who you've been
'Cause I haven't watched the time
I just see your present moment
And your face meeting mine

I have lost
All trace of circumstance
With the movement I will dance
No future and no past

Little planet turn me over again
And let me fall to the stars
How does my life look from the other side
Simple in all it's blessings and scars
Little country opening up my heart
I'm strong enough to hold it all
The light and even the dark
Of the big big world that's mostly so small
It's a big big world that's mostly so small

I'm so far from home
Yet the same stars laugh with me
Watch them collide and burst
Over the same sea

In the company of death
I have nothing to fear
I am held by the void of being
That has always been here.
Track Name: O'Buba

I've been laughing so hard that I can't help crying
I've been feeling such pleasure that it turns to pain
I got this wild loving inside of me
So much that I cannot tame
So teach me how to bare these night time dreams
That die with every morning
Or how to quench this deep heart burning
This incessant yearning for more

O'buba ooh bye bye hush baby don't you cry
The world will be known by and by
So o'buba ooh bye bye

Little bird little bird of your childhood girl
The one you keep way down in your chest
Those tiny wings are fluttering
Trying to break free from beneath your breast
But can you suppress those feelings of lust? those feelings of rage?
Put on a happy face just as long as you can bare the cage

O'buba ooh bye bye hush baby don't you cry
Let go all the love that you have inside life's too short to try to hide
Oh baby don't cry my lady for all the times you say goodbye
The world will be known by and by so o'buba ooh bye bye

The darkness ain't the half of it, what's really blinding is the light
All the beauty I cannot hold, all the love I try to fight
How can I be shown all the wonders of the world and be contented to know only some
Of all the colours of the rainbow how can I pick my favourite one

O'buba ooh bye bye....
Track Name: This Day
This Day

Yesterday I was lonely
Lonely and strange
This day is more
Than I could ever hope for
Hold my love in a whisper
Let it go in the wind
I make life more real
In all that I sing in all that I sing.

Kids on the street trying to change the way that people think
Bicycle trains filling up car lanes
They say it's all about reaching a critical mass
And the change will role like a tidal wave
I wish I knew what I could do
To make you feel excited too

We're gonna change this world around if it's all we do
'Cause if you think the way it is is ok you're not seeing it through
The more that I look around the more I see that needs to be changed
If you're not trying to make something better, you're just in the way

All the pain in the world from what I can see
Is the fear of isolation in your own identity
All the while your joy is just waiting there for you to find
That freedom is just a state of mind
So why don't you live what you dream
There is no time to waste
Why won't you say what you mean
And maybe then I'll see your face

Change comes so slowly when all the world is in denial
When I step back from it I have only time to stop and breathe a while
Blindly we march on as all the world comes crashing down
This country like a circus is still parading around
Blindly we drink the last drop and try to take some more
Blindly we consume everything, without wondering what it's for

I'll sing until I have no more to say
Until the noise of the circus fades away...
Track Name: Tin Soldier
Tin Soldier

Little tin soldier on his little toy boat
Is sailing away on his teardrop ocean
He's fighting the current with his little toy hands
And the harder he tries the farther from land

She watches from the theatre of his one man show
Like a stranger in the costume of someone she used to know

Cause he once was a boy of real flesh and bone
And she knew him and held him when he felt alone
In the strength of her arms which were girlish and small
And she promised the boy she would not let him fall

But then winter comes and she's lost the boy in the dark
And then winter comes and she's broken the tin soldiers heart

She once was a girl of real love and naivety
Who thought she could find a safe place to hide him in
Keep him from the emptiness that fills us all up with him
But she'd lose herself in the pieces she used to fill him with

And the protective layer of smiles and lies parts from his eyes
And for a moment she thinks she can see the glow of stars shinning inside

She knows there is hope for the little toy soldier
To throw off his armour to where flesh and bone are shivering cold
'Cause she has seen grey oceans part to reveal
An exquisite beauty of tiny dancers of light
So open up your toy mouth and fill it with waves
Let the sparkles trickle down and fill you with joy
Open up your toy heart and fill it with rainbows
Let the blood flow in your veins
Until you're a real boy again

She sees the little toy soldier on his little toy boat
She feels his struggle with the current catch inside her own throat
But she hopes from her place by the sea on the sand
That one day he will find his own way back to land.
Track Name: Gift

He came to me in darkest night
Offering his ears
And a heart to hold so strange and old
I remembered through all these years

Through wrinkled time
This love of mine
no less dear to me
That fades as fast as it appears
Colouring all I see

Spring invades winters cave
Like your hand into my hand
Unravelling is the company
Of your breath upon my land

I am lost I am found
I am falling from the ground
Into grace I shift
Opening to this gift

Between the line of sea and sky
Far from judgements stare
Out beyond right and wrong
I will meet you there

The shadow that follows where I go
Will turn it's mournful gaze
And I'll look into the eyes of fear with love
Until the darkness slowly fades

I am lost I am found
I am falling from the ground
Into grace I shift
Opening to this gift

All the pain is emptying
Out from under my feat
I never knew before
My longing for
Someone to look for me.
Track Name: Vacancy

Oh lonely eyes where do you go each day
How I have tried to find my way
Through them to you

Who are you to me to make me weak in knees
Is it really you or just these eyes that I see you through
Maybe you came along when I had this emptiness in me
And you were just something to fill this vacancy
Vacancy in me

Don't show me that love in your eyes
'Cause I can't bare the load
Don't tell me who you are 'cause my heart might explode
Like a star, who couldn't hold the beauty of the sky
Like a star, who couldn't hold the beauty of the sky

The world bursts into flower
The world bursts into loss
Like a baby it whines to me
Not to pay the cost
But death is just a distraction
And everything that pulls
From the world in it's abundance
Which can make you feel so full.

Oh lonely eyes where do you go each day
How I have tried to find my way
Through, them to you.